High Res App

Our instinctive response to a stressful situation may not always be the best one.

High Res can assist serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force personnel and their families to manage the daily stresses of military life, deployment, transition to civilian life and life post-service.

Learn to Test, Adjust and Optimise.

Test your physical, cognitive, emotional and behavioural reactions to stress and adjust your response in real time by using the stress management tools in the app.

Optimise your performance and build your psychological resilience and mental fitness with regular resilience training.

Features include:

  • Interactive, easy-to-use tools that you can access on the go such as Controlled Breathing, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Thought Stopping.
  • A scheduler that allows you to set goals to practice the tools regularly.
  • A resilience self-assessment that can help you keep track of your progress over time.

Available to download free from the App Store and Google Play.

Note: some features of this app may not be accessible on earlier model iOS and Android phones.