Your physical health is more than exercise. It's the food you eat, how much you drink, whether you smoke ... they all contribute to your sense of well being and capacity to deal with the challenges of life. Improving just one element will make a difference to how you feel.


Get active to boost your mood, confidence, concentration and sleep.

If you’re having trouble getting motivated, the Physical Activities tool can motivate you to take the first step and give you the resources you need to keep you going.


Eating right improves your mental outlook, provides more energy and can make managing conditions such as diabetes easier. 

As a veteran, you may be eligible for a range of dietetic services and courses specifically designed to meet your needs.

Learn more about healthy eating and the programs you may be eligible for.


We drink to celebrate, commiserate, socialise and relax. But too much, too often or for too long can cause problems for your health, work and relationships. 

Specialised help for veterans concerned about alcohol consumption is available.

Visit the Right Mix to get drinking under control.  


Quitting is the most important thing you can do for your health and your family's health.

The good news is, the sooner you quit the better. Even quitting at 60 reduces the chance of cancer and other diseases.

Visit the smoking pages for resources to help you Quit

Injuries and recovery

Military service is physically and mentally demanding, when you leave the ADF it is likely you may be carrying an injury. Services and support are available to help you get on with a healthy and active civilian life.

Learn more about support services specifically designed for the veteran community

Operation Life Online

If you are concerned about your mental health and wellbeing, or of your veteran partner, help is available 24/7. 

Learn the warning signs of suicide and how to keep you and others safe from suicide

Open Arms

Veterans & Families Counselling (formerly VVCS) offers free and confidential counselling.


Lodge a claim with DVA.

High Res

Build resilience to keep you strong.

The Right Mix

Alcohol affects lives in various ways. But you can find a balance.