Currently serving ADF members

Being physically prepared is par for the course in the ADF. It's expected. And tested. But what about your mental resilience and preparedness? It's just as important. It's essential you know what to look out for when things aren't quite right.

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A unique challenge

Being a member of the ADF is a unique occupation. It gives you the opportunity to develop an amazing skill-set and operate in a range of testing environments. But there are also challenges that a lot of civilians won't face. You'll likely:

  • Move locations more frequently
  • Live separately from family more often, and
  • Have to reconnect with your family after deployment.

These can be challenging to the serving member and their family.

AT-Ease provides a range of resources to help you and your family:

  • Stay healthy and maintain resilience
  • Understand the signs and symptoms of mental health
  • Use strategies and support services to address your concerns, and
  • Maintain strong and healthy relationships while you are serving.

In our network

You may find the websites below relevant to your needs.

'Fighting Fit', the Joint Health Command ADF Health and Wellbeing Portal will direct you to a wide range of Defence websites containing information on ADF Health and Mental Health services and supports, as well as referencing a number of reputable external resources.
If you’re a current serving ADF member, Open Arms can provide you with free and confidential counselling as an individual, couple or family to help improve your resilience, as well as your mental health and wellbeing.
Engage is an online portal operated by the Department of Defence. Users can search for free services and support designed to benefit current and former ADF members, their families and/or those involved in their support.