Jayden’s story: When Dad died

I was seven when Dad died. I was scared for ages. I didn’t know what this meant for me and Mum. Would we still be a family? Would Mum still be able to look after me or would she leave as well?

After it happened I wondered if he did it because of me. I answered back a bit and I didn’t do things when he asked me to. I thought, maybe he didn’t like us anymore.

It was a really bad time. Mum was a mess. It was pretty bad. But she sat down with me and we talked about everything and we made a plan. We went to see the plaque they made for him. It was up with all the other soldiers who have died, which was great. We planted a tree in our garden to remember him. We made a book with all these photos with things we did together and I did drawings of things I remembered doing with him.

I thought he was great – really funny told heaps of jokes.

Mum explained to me that he loved me and it wasn’t my fault at all. We go to see his plaque every year and I still write messages to him in my book when I want to talk to him.

It’s been 10 years since dad died and Mum and I are doing OK.

NOTE: This is a fictional case study using paid actors