Operation Life Online

Suicide and suicidal behaviour touches the lives of many people in our community but there are ways we can help prevent it.

This website will help you understand the warning signs of suicide and provide information and resources to help keep you and others safe from suicide. Help is also available for those bereaved by suicide.

"Staying calm"

This is a simple exercise to help get your brain back on-line. It won’t solve your problems and may seem trivial at first but try it, as you may find it does help to settle you enough to feel back in charge of your own thoughts.

The free companion Operation Life app is designed to help those at risk deal with suicidal thoughts with the support of a clinician. Available to download free from the App Store and Google Play.


worried about myslef

Worried about yourself

If you are feeling down and hopeless it can be really hard to ask for help. You may have thoughts about suicide as a solution to your problems. If you are having suicidal thoughts please tell someone you trust. It is important to remember that help and support are available.

Worried about someone else

When you are worried about someone you care about, a partner, friend or family member it is sometimes hard to know how to offer them help. You may have noticed they are feeling hopeless or you may have identified some warning signs of suicide

Worried about someone else

Someone you know suicided

If you have been affected by a suicide, you may be experiencing a range of difficult emotions such as shock, disbelief or even anger alongside many unanswered questions including ‘Could I have done anything to prevent it?’ and ‘Why did he/she do it?’.

Someone you know attempted suicide

When someone attempts suicide, their natural barriers to protect themselves have been broken down. You may have observed that the person had been unwell for a long time and had exhibited warning signs of suicide or you may not have observed any warning signs of suicide and the attempt was ‘out of the blue’