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The ON TRACK with The Right Mix app has been designed for serving and ex-serving ADF personnel and veterans.


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Manage alcohol consumption

The app will help you manage your alcohol consumption by tracking the number and type of drinks consumed and calculating the amount of money spent. You can find out how much exercise is needed to burn off the kilojoules consumed and review the impact this has on your wellbeing and fitness.


Features include:

  • Track your drinking and spending in real time or add drinks to previous sessions
  • Set a budget for a night out and get a reminder when you've reached your budget
  • Learn how much exercise you need to do to burn off the alcohol you've consumed
  • Get a personalised wellbeing score based on the amount you drink
  • Track your drinking, wellbeing and spending through weekly and monthly graphs
  • Find out where to get professional help if alcohol is impacting on your daily life
  • Email your ON TRACK drinking history to yourself or a health clinician

The alcohol consumption data collected by the app can be shared with The Right Mix website. This data can then be compared against personal goals set up as part of the self-help action plan component in the website.

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Available to download free from the App Store and Google Play.

Note: some features of this app may not be accessible on earlier model iOS and Android phones.