Mental health booklets

AT-Ease produces a number of booklets that are publicly for order at no cost.


Mental health and Wellbeing after Military Service booklet

This booklet has been designed by AT-Ease to provide information and advice for veterans, other former serving personnel, and their families, about mental health and wellbeing following military service. This booklet can be ordered using the online order form.

Beyond The Call

This collection of stories by AT-Ease shares the experiences of Australia's veteran community and the challenges faced by veterans and their families every day.

Choose Health: Be Active

Choose Health: Be Active is a physical activity guide by DVA for older Australians Designed to help older Australians achieve sufficient physical activity for good health, to prevent illness, reduce stress, enhance mental well-being and provide a great opportunity to enjoy activity with family and friends.

Recovery after Trauma - A Guide for People with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PDF)

This booklet was produced by the Australian Centre for Post-traumatic Mental Health (ACPMH) at the University of Melbourne. It is for people who have gone through a traumatic event, or are close to someone who has, and are looking for help to cope with the experience. It is designed to assist people affected by trauma and their families make more informed decisions about the care they receive, and help them to discuss their needs openly with the practitioner involved in their care.