Recognise the signs

What my family member is dealing with

If you want to learn more about what the veteran in your life might be experiencing, including mental health issues and behaviours like gambling and aggression, this is the place the start.

Feeling down e.g.

  • feeling flat,
  • lacking energy,
  • nothing feels fun.

Feeling anxious e.g.

  • worrying all the time,
  • panic attacks,
  • hiding from the world.

Troubled by memories e.g.

  • having nightmares,
  • flashbacks,
  • blocking out reminders of trauma.

Grief e.g.

  • grieving,
  • mourning,
  • feeling sad and lonely.

Angry e.g.

  • feeling frustrated,
  • wound up,
  • agro.

Alcohol e.g.

  • difficulties with alcohol,
  • binging.

Drug use e.g.

  • difficulties with drugs,
  • doctor shopping.

Taking risks e.g.

  • taking risks,
  • acting without thinking,
  • risky sex.

Gambling e.g.

  • losing too much money,
  • gambling out of control.

Self-harm e.g.

  • feeling desperate,
  • hopeless,
  • thinking about taking their life.

Violence e.g.

  • getting into fights,
  • hurting the ones they love.

Poor sleep e.g.

  • restless nights,
  • nightmares.

You might be struggling with some of the same big issues that affect military families. This section of the website presents information on some of the issues that family members of serving defence members, ex-serving members and veterans can face, such as, when a 'different person' comes home.