Professional development

This page provides a range of resources for professional development.



Free webinars designed with the Mental Health Professionals Network, to help clinicians better support the mental health needs of veterans

Courses and programs

For mental health professionals to understand the veteran client

Online training programs

Programs that target PTSD and trauma recovery for veterans

Phoenix Australia training programs

Training programs about PTSD and other mental health problems experienced by veterans

Practitioner self-care and workplace wellbeing

Resources for self-care and workplace wellbeing for mental health professionals to manage work stress, compassion fatigue and burnout

Specialist clearinghouses

Evidence-based information and resources related issues associated with veterans

Multimedia resources

Videos and podcasts on a range of topics related to PTSD, trauma and mental health with a particular focus on working with veterans.

Clinical guidelines

Clinical guidelines for a range of mental health and physical conditions


Research relating to veteran mental health

Professional bodies

Online resources, training opportunities, professional advocacy and professional networks