Veteran Mental Health Consultation Companion

This page explores use of the Veteran Mental Health Consultation Companion (VMHC2)  mobile application.



The Veteran Mental Health Consultation Companion (VMHC2) is an application for iOS and Android tablet devices, developed by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. It has been designed to assist mental health practitioners in the evidence-based assessment and treatment of their veteran patients. VMHC2 is free and can be downloaded from the App Store (NOTE: no Android version is available)

How VMHC2 works

VMHC2 is intended to complement your normal practice and is designed around a typical initial consultation. Practitioners can follow the sequential order of the app, or access individual pages as required.

About veterans

Access brief information about the Australian military experience, impact on mental health, veterans as clients, with links to additional resources.

Mental health status examination

Use the mental status examination to guide your systematic appraisal of the appearance, behaviour, mental functioning and overall demeanour of a patient.

Risk assessment

This section offers suggested questions to use in assessing a client’s risk status.

When to screen

Select from an interactive list of presenting complaints to help prioritise disorders that may require screening.

Assessment measures and treatment options

Assessment measures

VMHC2 offers seven interactive psychometric and assessment measures:

  • Kessler Psychological Distress Scale
  • Depression, Anxiety & Stress Scale
  • PennStateWorry Questionnaire
  • Fear Questionnaire
  • Posttraumatic Stress Checklist
  • Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test
  • Drug Abuse Screening Test.

The patient can complete the measure on the tablet or the practitioner can conduct the assessment. Once completed, select ‘DONE’ and the VMHC2 app will calculate the score and provide an interpretation against Australian military norms, where available. Completed assessments can be emailed or printed for client records.

Please note, information can not be saved on VMHC2. Once users navigate away from an assessment, any completed information will be lost. If you wish to keep a record of a completed assessment, simply email or print the page before closing.

Recommended treatment

This section lists recommended treatment for the major mental health conditions experienced by veterans.

Case formulation and treatment planning

A checklist for Case Formulation is provided using the 5P model, as well as a Treatment Plan which can be completed on the tablet emailed and/or printed for client records.

Client resources

Psycho-educational resources for veteran clients, including websites, printable patient hand outs, DVA’s mental health videos and mobile apps.

Provider resources

Access clinical resources and professional development programs produced in partnership with academic experts in evidence-based practice.