Research and other recommended readings

DVA's mental health strategy

The Department of Veterans' Affairs 2013-2023 Veteran Mental Health Strategy (PDF)

The Strategy provides a ten year framework for mental health care in support of current and future veterans and their families. The strategy will ensure the Department remains responsive to the needs of existing clients while continuing to reposition itself in the context of contemporary veterans and their families.

Studies and reports

The 2010 Australian Defence Force Mental Health Prevalence and Well-being Study (PDF)

This study provides prevalence figures for common mental health presentations over a 12-month period amongst currently serving ADF members.

Australian Gulf War Veterans’ Health Study

This study is a large scale study into the health outcomes of veterans who served in the first Gulf War. Information about mental health conditions is contained in Volume 1 from page 265.

2010 report by Monash University

This report examines the health and service use of Australian veterans and non-veterans in a longitudinal study.

Children and Young People in Defence Force Families

The Australian Institute of Family Studies has collated Australian and US reports on children and young people in military families.

PTSD in Female Veterans

This 2004 article outlines the range of difficulties associated with having a diagnosis of PTSD for female veterans in the US.

Timor-Leste Family Study

The 2012 Timor-Leste Family Study focussed on the potential for physical, mental or social health impacts on family members of veterans who served in Timor-Leste. The study also investigated what factors tended to protect veterans' families or place them at risk of health impacts.