One-Off Veteran Health Check

The One-off Veteran Health Check has been designed specifically for veterans. You are eligible to claim one of these consultations in a lifetime.

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A One-off Veteran Health Check is available to all former ADF members, regardless of when you left the ADF. This includes those who have left the permanent force and are now in the Reserves, as well as those who have left the Reserves.

There are no time restrictions for accessing this One-off Veteran Health Check.

You can find more details on the FAQs page.

How to book your One-off Veteran Health Check

Step 1 - Find a GP

Every GP (General Practitioner) across Australia is able to conduct the Veteran Health Check. If you do not already have a GP you regularly visit, you can search for a GP below.


Step 2 - Book a 45-minute appointment for your One-off Veteran Health Check.

When you book, you will need to ask for a longer appointment than usual. Let them know that this is for the One-off Veteran Health Check, and that you will be providing details when you arrive.

Step 3 - Make sure to bring along your Medicare or Veteran card

All you need to bring to the One-off Veteran Health Check is your Medicare or Veteran card. Any additional questions your GP may have about the service can be answered on the site AT-Ease/professionals.

Take action

Register for a Veteran card or Medicare card

If you do not have a Veteran card apply through Myservice.

If you do not have a Medicare card follow the guidelines produced through the Department of Human Services.

If you change doctors, or are referred to any specialists or allied health professionals (e.g. a physiotherapist), make sure you tell them you have served. Your service could influence their diagnosis and treatment. They may also be aware of additional services you are eligible for.

A separate health check is available for ADF members who left the ADF from 1 July 2019.

The One-off Veteran Health Check was formerly referred to as the ADF post-discharge GP health assessment.