Annual Veteran Health Check

If you leave the ADF from 1 July 2019, you are eligible for a free Annual Veteran Health Check each year for the first five years after leaving the ADF. The cost of this consultation is covered by DVA.

Time to read: 4 minutes



The Annual Veteran Health Check is available to all former ADF members with at least one day continuous full time service who left the ADF from 1 July 2019. This includes those who have left the permanent force and are now in the Reserves, and those who have left the Reserves.

You can find more details on the FAQs page.

How to book your Annual Veteran Health Check

Step 1 - Find a GP that accepts DVA Veteran Cards

If you do not already have a regular GP (General Practitioner), you can find a GP near you by using the tool below.


Step 2 - Call the GP to confirm that they accept DVA Veteran Cards, and book a 45-minute appointment.

Confirm with your GP that they accept DVA Veteran Cards. When you book, you will need to ask for a longer appointment than usual. Let them know that this is for the Annual Veteran Health Check, and that you will be providing details when you arrive.

Step 3 - Make sure to bring along your Veteran Card

All you need to access this Annual Veteran Health Check are the details on your Veteran Card. Any additional questions your GP may have about the service can be addressed online on the AT-Ease/professionals site.

If you do not have a Veteran card apply through Myservice.

A separate, one-off, health check is available for ADF members who left the ADF before 1 July 2019.