GP health assessment

Being at your physical best and enjoying a healthier and happier life means taking action. When you leave the ADF you can access a comprehensive health assessment from your GP to set you on the right track for your civilian life.

Time to read: 3 minutes


The ADF post-discharge GP health assessment has been designed specifically for veterans. It can help your GP identify the early onset of any physical or mental health conditions you may be experiencing and provide treatment, or refer you to other services.


The GP health assessment is available to all former serving personnel. This includes those who have left the permanent force and are now in the Reserves, and those who have left the Reserves.

There are no time restrictions for accessing this one-off assessment.

DVA will fund the assessment through the usual DVA health card arrangements. If you’re not a DVA client, a Medicare rebate is available. Your GP may decide to bulk bill the assessment at no cost to you. If your GP charges a fee higher than the rebate, you will need to pay the gap.

Tell them you served

Talk to your GP, tell them you have served in the ADF and ask them about the health assessment.

If you change doctors, or are referred to any specialists or complementary health specialists (such as chiropractors), make sure you tell them about your service. Your service could influence their diagnosis and treatment. They may also be aware of additional services you are eligible for.