At Ease provides the serving and ex-serving community with tailored mental health tools and resources. At Ease can help you recognise the signs, take action and maintain higher levels of wellness.

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Service and support for


Worried about how you're feeling or behaving? Self-help techniques can help you get back on track and there is professional help if you need it.

Families and Peers

Worried about a family member or friend? Recognise the signs and understand the available support. Help is available, help works.

Health Professionals

Treatment of mental illness in the veteran population, systems and support services for veterans and professional development.

Self-help websites and apps

OP Life app logo

Operation Life Online

Suicide touches the lives of many people. Help is available and suicide can be prevented if we are aware of warning signs.

High Res app logo

High Res

Resilience building tools and training to help you stay on top of your game.

The Right Mix app logo

The Right Mix

Understand how alcohol impacts your life. This site has tips, tools and strategies to reduce the impact of drinking.

PTSD Coach app logo

PTSD Coach App

This app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that commonly occur after trauma.

Find professional care

If you have served one full day in the ADF, you are eligible for a range of professional care services.

Find professional services

About At Ease

At-Ease provides health and mental wellbeing support and advice for Australian veterans, serving personnel and their families.

Our aim is to connect the veteran community to a range of resources and options to help them live well.

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