Helping veterans and their families lead happy and healthy lives

AT-Ease is the Australian Government’s health and wellbeing portal for veterans and their families. AT-Ease provides tailored mental health and wellbeing resources for the serving and ex-serving community
If you're the partner of a serving member or veteran, you might be the first person to notice that something is wrong.
Worried about how you're feeling or behaving? Self-help techniques can help you get back on track. Help is available. And help can make a difference.

Mental Health

It's normal to feel stressed, angry or sad from time to time. If these feelings are making it hard for you to deal with daily life there are things you can do to help recognise and manage them.

Self help websites and apps

The Right Mix app logo
Understand how alcohol impacts your life. This site has tips, tools and strategies to reduce the impact of drinking.
OP Life app logo
Suicide touches the lives of many people. Help is available and suicide can be prevented if we are aware of the warning signs.
High Res app logo
SMART resilience building tools and training to help you stay on top of your game.
PTSD Coach app logo
This app can help you learn about and manage symptoms that commonly occur after trauma.

AT-Ease for health professionals

The health professionals website offers a range of information and professional development resources for health professionals including webinars, DVA courses and programs, understanding the veteran experience and more.