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DVA Mental Health Strategy

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The Veteran Mental Health Strategy was released on 27th May 2013.

The Strategy provides a ten year framework for mental health care in support of current and future veterans and their families.

The Strategy's purpose is to:

  • Set the context for the provision of mental health services in the veteran and ex. service community and for addressing mental health needs;
  • Identify strategic objectives and priority actions to guide mental health policy and programs; and
  • Ensure the best possible outcomes for individual mental health and wellbeing.

Strategy provides a blueprint for the future development of a mental health action plan. This will ensure a coordinated approach to implementing and evaluating existing programs, as well as underpinning the $26.4 million dollars in new initiatives detailed in the 2013-14 mental health budget measures.

The Veteran Mental Health Strategy will ensure the Department remains responsive to the needs of existing clients while continuing to reposition itself in the context of contemporary veterans and their families.

 Download a copy of the DVA Mental Health Strategy.

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