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ON TRACK with The Right Mix

The ON TRACK with The Right Mix app has been updated with enhanced features to help you to better manage your alcohol consumption.  Designed for current and ex serving ADF personnel and veterans, ON TRACK lets you track your drinking and spending and the impact it's having on your wellbeing and fitness.  Use the App to:

  • Track your drinking and spending in real time or add drinks to previous sessions,
  • Set a budget for a night out and get a reminder when you've reached your budget,
  • Get a personalised wellbeing score based on the amount you drink,
  • Track your drinking, wellbeing and spending through  weekly and monthly graphs,
  • Learn how much exercise you need to do to burn off the alcohol you've consumed,
  • Find out where to get professional help if alcohol is impacting on your daily life.

 What's New:

  • The “Recent Drinks” option on the Track screen lets you quickly choose from your last five drinks.
  • You can now view your drinking, spending and wellbeing score through graphs to help you understand your drinking patterns.
  • We have expanded the exercise options to show the amount of running, swimming, sit-ups, chin-ups, push-ups or golf that is needed to burn off the alcohol consumed,
  • If you forget to use On Track while out drinking, you can now add drinks to past sessions, or add a new session to your drinking history,
  •  You can now email your On Track drinking history to yourself or a health clinician,
  • Send your feedback to DVA via an online survey or email


 Note: Some features of this app may not be accessibleon earlier model iOS and Android phones.