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How can I help someone else right now?

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When you are worried about someone you care about, a partner, friend or family member it is sometimes hard to know how to offer them help.  You may have noticed they are feeling hopeless or you may have identified some warning signs of suicide. It is important to offer them help but equally important to look after yourself.  It will be difficult to ask the hard question “Are you thinking of suicide?” but you might be the only person who asks.


Advice on how to offer help to someone


If the person that you are worried about is experiencing a crisis, feeling suicidal or in distress please ring one of the agencies below:

For immediate assistance when life may be in danger
Call 000

For national 24/7 help lines and crisis support counselling:

Link to VVCS Website VVCS
(Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service)

1800 011 046
ADF All Hours Support Line Logo ADF All Hours Support Line
1800 628 036
Lifeline Logo Lifeline
13 11 14
Mens Line Logo Mens Line
1300 78 99 78
1800 Respect Logo National Sexual Assault, Family and Domestic Violence Counselling Line
1800 737 732
Kids Helpline Logo Kids Help Line (for 5-25yrs)
1800 55 1800
Suicide Callback Logo Suicide Call Back Service
1300 659 467

If you decide to offer help to someone here are some suggestions that might help:

Plan a time to talk without interruptions. Listen to him or her without judgement and reassure them that you care.

Be direct in asking “Are you thinking of suicide?”, “Are you thinking of killing yourself?”, “Are you thinking of ending your life?”. It is a myth that you put the idea into someone’s head by asking this.

It can be hard to ask this question when you are face to face with someone you care about so it would help to practice saying these words so you are prepared when you need to have the conversation.

Asking them directly can lead to getting them the help they need.

Do not leave the person at risk alone or promise not to tell anyone that they are having suicidal thoughts.

Together choose an appropriate support person – this might be a doctor or VVCS counsellor an offer to make and take them to an appointment.

Remember to look after yourself and seek help for yourself if needed.