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Suicide Awareness Quiz

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Facts and myths about suicide

1. There is a typical profile for a person who may commit suicide.
2. More men than women complete suicide.
3. Many suicides are completed under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
4. All suicidal people have a mental illness.
5. Which of the following are true? Tick the boxes where the statement is true.

Warning signs of suicide

6. Suicides always occur without warning.
7. Which of the following may be warning signs of suicidal behaviour?

Risk factors for suicide

8. Identify any of the following which can be a risk factor for suicide

Protective factors against suicide

9. Identify any of the following which you think could help protect against suicide:

Feelings after suicide

10. Grieving after suicide is different than after other kinds of death.
11. Being angry with someone after he or she dies by suicide is a normal reaction.

Helping someone at risk of suicide

12. If you think someone is suicidal you should ask them?
13. If someone tells me they are thinking of suicide and asks me to keep it a secret I should not agree
14. You should always take suicide threats seriously and treat the person talking about suicide with understanding and compassion..
15. If someone tells me that they are thinking of suicide should I?

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