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Learn about suicide prevention

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This section can help you learn about suicide and how to prevent it. The information is sorted into five topic areas as listed in the blue tabs above. Each tab provides you with facts and advice on the topic (some have interactive learning tools). The final tab offers you an opportunity to test your knowledge in our suicide prevention quiz.

There are certain behaviours or attitudes that may be signs that someone is thinking about suicide. Learn more about the Warning Signs so that you can take helpful action sooner.

The Risk Factors page helps you to identify factors in life that can increase the risk of suicide.

There are positive steps to take to improve wellbeing and prevent suicidal thoughts, and the Protective Factors page guides you through these .

There are a lot of myths about suicide, so go to the Facts and Myths page to find out the facts.

The Feelings after Suicide page offers advice on how to stay safe after someone close has suicided.

If you want to learn more after using this website, you may wish to attend an Operation Life – Suicide Prevention workshop offered by VVCS.

You can also try the free companion Operation Life mobile application which is designed to help those at risk deal with suicidal thoughts with the support of a clinician. The app provides access to emergency, professional and personal support numbers and self-help tools.