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Relationships and families

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Relationships and families
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The following resources are for veterans and their family members, and relate primarily to support services for families, and family and relationship counseling.


For more general information to provide to veterans and their families who are concerned about their mental health, but have not yet engaged in treatment, see At Ease for veterans website.

Support services

For partners and children of veterans

  • VVCS – Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service:  this service specialises in supporting Defence members, ex-Defence members and eligible family members. VVCS provide individual, couples and family counselling, as well as group based treatment and support options.  The VVCS information and telephone counselling service can be contacted 24-hours a day on 1800 011 046.
  • Relationships Australia: Offer a broad range of services to individuals, families and communities throughout the country such as counselling, mediation, and family dispute resolution. For local state-based Relationships Australia services call on 1300 364 277.

For family members of serving defence members

Recommended reading and online information

Resources for carers

  • Carers Australia: this is the peak body providing national services and advocacy for carers.  State-based carer organisations can provide support and services to those people engaged in a carer role. They also provide a National Carer Counselling Program (1800 242 636) which provides short-term counselling and emotional and psychological support services for carers.
  • DVA Carer’s Booklet: provides information about specific services available through DVA and other general resources for carers.
  • Mental Health Foundations for Carers: auspiced by Carers NSW, this website contains information and resources for carers, including an interactive program for caring for someone with a mental illness.
  • Beyondblue guide for Carers: includes helpful information for carers and relatives of people who have either just been diagnosed, are recovering or are in the early stages of depression/anxiety.
  • Mindhealthconnect: provides information and links to resources and organisations relevant to carers.


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