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October 2014 Newsletter

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October 2014 Newsletter

New technology changing assessment and monitoring

DVA’s new Veteran Mental Health Consultation Companion (VMHC2) is an application for tablet devices which offers interactive psychometric assessment and treatment planning to assist mental health practitioners treating Australian veterans and serving members.

VMHC2 is designed around a typical first consultation, offering:

  • Mental Status Examination and Risk Assessment checklist.
  • Client interface for psychometric and assessment measures, including K10, DASS-21, PSWQ, FQ, PCL, AUDIT and DAST-20.
  • Automatic scoring and interpretation against Australian military norms, where available.
  • Ability to print or email results for client records.
  • A privacy lock to ensure professional control of the results.
  • Recommended evidence based treatment options for major conditions, with case formulation and treatment planning templates.
  • Client handouts, videos and resources.
  • Clinical resources for professional development.

This application was developed in consultation with the Australian Defence Force, the Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service and the Australian Psychological Society as an electronic supplement to DVA’s Mental Health Advice Book. Feedback on the Mental Health Advice Book from mental health practitioners indicates that while it is one of DVA’s most sought after resources, it can be difficult to reference when in a consultation setting.  VMHC2  allows practitioners to access assessment tools, information resources and client handouts from their tablet device during a consultation.

The Veteran Mental Health Consultation Companion is free and available to download in Australia from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) by searching ‘Veteran Mental Health’.  Alternatively, users can access it by scanning the following QR codes:

Google Play

iOS App Store


More information about the resources available for mental health practitioners, go to At Ease Professional website.



New ADF Post-Discharge GP Health Assessment

All former serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) can now access a one-off comprehensive health assessment from their GP.

This assessment is available to all former serving members of either the permanent or reserve forces.  It is funded under the health assessment items 701, 703, 705 and 707 on the Medicare Benefits Schedule.

One of the key objectives of this assessment is help GPs identify and diagnose the early signs of physical and/or mental health problems among former serving ADF members.

DVA has worked in collaboration withFlindersUniversityto design an assessment tool for GPs to support the health assessment.  The tool assists GPs to assess patient’s current physical and psychological wellbeing. It includes specific screening tools for alcohol use, substance use, posttraumatic stress disorder and psychological distress.

This assessment tool has been incorporated into the Best Practice and Medical Director practice software packages.  It is also available as a ‘fillable’ PDF on the DVA At Ease Professional website.

Remember, it is always worth asking whether your patient is ex-serving ADF.



DVA Webclaim

DVA Webclaim is a new online claiming channel that all allied mental health professionals can use to claim for services provided to DVA card holders.

DVA Webclaim is available on the Department of Human Services (DHS) Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS) portal using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption.  DVA Webclaim is a free service and is particularly suited to small practices who do not have online claiming software.  DVA Webclaim is a more efficient alternative to paper claiming - all you need is a computer, an internet connection and an individual PKI certificate.

By using DVA Webclaim, you can lodge online and receive instant responses to most claims, with payment within two business days (compared with twenty business days if you claim by paper).

On DVA Webclaim, providers can also access up to two years of their electronic DVA statements; download their DVA claiming history for the previous two years; cancel paid claims submitted on the same day, and use the HPOS secure email facility to ask DHS questions about claims.

If you have a current Medicare provider number, you can apply for your Individual PKI Key now.

For further enquiries regarding DVA Webclaim contact DHS on 1800 700 199 or visit the Health Professionals Online Services (HPOS).

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