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The following information and web resources may be useful when working with veterans who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety.


For a detailed summary handout that can be provided to veterans to help them engage in treatment, click on the relevant anxiety disorder below:

For more general information on anxiety to provide to veterans who are concerned about their mental health, but have not yet engaged in treatment, see At Ease for veterans website.

Self-help resources

Online programs

  • Mental Health Online: a CBT-based online treatment program for different anxiety disorders that is offered as either self-help for no cost or therapist-assisted for a fee.
  • This Way Up Clinic: a CBT-based treatment program for anxiety and depression that is accessible by a clinician rather than by self-referral. There is a cost to accessing the program.
  • eCouch: an interactive program with CBT and IPT-based materials for depression, worry, social anxiety, relationship difficulties and grief.
  • MindSpot Clinic: A free telephone and online assessment, treatment and referral service for Australian adults experiencing depression and anxiety.


Mobile device apps

  • LifeArmor: includes information on issues such as posttraumatic stress, relationship issues, depression and sleep. It also has self-assessment measures, tools for managing specific problems and stories from American veterans. It is available for Apple and Android products.
  • breathe2relax: designed to help veterans learn and practice a diaphragmatic breathing exercise.  It is available for Apple and Android products.

Recommended reading and online information

  • DVA Mental Health and Wellbeing after Military Service booklet (PDF) : contains useful information about experiences and issues that may arise during transition from military to civilian life, for ex-serving members and their families.
  • DVA Mental Health Video - Anxiety: current and ex-serving members of the ADF share real stories of their experience with anxiety.
  • Mindhealthconnect: provides information and links to resources related to anxiety.
  • beyondblue: contains factsheets, self-assessment and self-help resources about depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder.
  • Anxiety YouTube clips: contains interviews with people who have anxiety and their carers about their experiences and treatment options.

Consumer and carer guidelines

Coping with panic and agoraphobia: Australian treatment guide for consumers and carers (PDF) .


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